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Value of Project Management

In 2009 PMI released “Researching the Value of Project Management,” a multi-year study conducted by Athabasca University researchers Janice Thomas and Mark Mullaly. The study revealed that project management does provide value. The study assessed more than 60 cases from a diverse selection of industries around the world.

The results indicate 47 percent of firms realized the following financial benefits:

  • Cost savings (17%),
  • Increased revenues (27%),
  • Decreased write-offs (15%)
  • Customer retention (22%)
  • Increased customer (17%)
  • Market share (7%).

In addition, nearly all the organizations in the study reported the following non-financial benefits:

  • Attainment of strategic objectives (63%);
  • More effective use of human resources (63%);
  • Improved overall management (61%);
  • Improved corporate culture (56%);
  • Improved reputation (53%);
  • Improved regulatory compliance (24%);
  • Improved competitiveness (22%);
  • Greater social good (15%);
  • New product/service streams (8%);
  • Improved staff retention (8%)
  • Improved quality of life (3%)

The fit between a company environment—strategies, culture, organizational maturity, and industry—and its project management structure is crucial in project success. A standard, “one-size-fits-all,” approach to project management is unlikely to succeed for most companies. The diversity of cultures, markets, and staff mandate a more open-minded approach.

It is in response to the dissimilarity between companies that PMGS has developed its flexible project management style. Your company can take advantage of our experience and expertise to maximize the value of its project management investment. We offer three main services to help your company maximize its project management potential and achieve its goals.