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    Tour Maine Montparnasse
    33 Avenue du Maine
    BP 31 Paris Cedex 15
    PARIS, 75755
    Ligne commerciale
    +33 1 56 81 08 50
    E-mail : infoemea@pmgsgroup.com

    410 St Nicolas, Suite 010
    Montreal, QC H2Y 2P5
    Sales direct line
    +1 (514) 904 1428
    E-mail : infoamerica@pmgsgroup.com

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PMGS Organization

Founded in 2001, Project Management Global Solutions (PMGS) assists organizations and their leaders to increase their performance through Project Management. Our global headquarters are in Paris, France.

PMGS worldwide activity includes hundreds of deliveries to more than 25 countries, in more than eight languages. To support this international activity, PMGS has developed additional operational centres, partnerships in addition to a network of consultants around the world.

PMGS’s team is made up of 15 full-time employees who work permanently with more than one hundred experts, instructors and consultants who bring their expertise and practical experience from around the world to benefit PMGS clients.

PMGS operational centres are:

  • Paris, France: regional headquarters for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
  • Montreal, Canada: regional headquarters for the Americas
  • Sydney, Australia: regional headquarters for the Asia-Pacific
  • Beijing, China: regional headquarters for China

PMGS has established partnerships that further expand our operational presence into several additional countries.

  • Open Limits, London, United Kingdom
  • Stratagenom, Tokyo, Japan
  • RK, New Delhi, India

PMGS can rely on a network of local trainers and Project Management consultants in the following countries, ready to deploy services in the local languages:

  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa): France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Russia, South Africa.
  • America : Canada, USA, Brazil, Perou
  • Asia-Pacific : China, India, Australia, Japan