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Coaching and Mentoring

Project environments are highly dynamic and individuals are constantly called upon to take on new assignments and assume new project responsibilities.

Most successfully deal with these new situations, but several quickly find themselves overwhelmed and unable to take them on. In such cases, individuals often have difficulty using the new methods or practices they were trained to use.

The coach and mentor will intervene to help your project staff make the transition from theory to practice and accompany them to ensure continuity and successful project completion.


  • Quickly implement project management skills
  • Maximize the return on amounts invested in training
  • Support the adequate start-up of projects
  • Inspire confidence and encourage project appropriation

Les meilleures pratiques

The main reason for using coaching and mentoring techniques is to support the transfer of knowledge, experience and skills within your organization. Among others, the following subjects can be touched upon :

  • Facilitate strategic project meetings such as the kick-off meeting
  • Facilitate project workshop sessions (work breakdown structures creation, risk analysis, stakeholder analysis)
  • Coach project resources on specific project management techniques
  • Mentor the project manager during the project ownership phase
  • Mentor a manager to assume a new role (portfolio manager, PMO manager, etc.)

Our solutions

To improve communications and communicate more efficiently, individuals taking part in a project require mentoring. PMGS provides organizations with an expert network that has hands-on experience in project management as well as the knowledge and human aptitudes to mentor your resources.

Our consultants usually intervene according to one of these two approaches :

  1. Team coaching: Often used in addition to training programs, this approach allows limited groups of participants to reinforce the notions and skills they developed during training and apply them in their everyday work. This approach may also be used with project teams to facilitate certain key work meetings: planning activities, problem solving, launch meetings, etc.
  2. Mentoring: This individual process is aimed at accompanying and assisting a project staff member who lacks experience with a given situation. This process’ main objective is to give the individual confidence and enable him or her to take ownership of the situation. The consultant will work directly with the project manager and give him or her the required support with respect to the professional, interpersonal or leadership skills that his or her position commands.


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