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Competency Assessment

With the increasing scope and complexity of projects, their perspective is becoming global and calls upon a growing number of individuals. A PMI® study found that one business out of every three attributes its projects’ successful outcomes to the skills and experience of its project managers.

Before making decisions on how to manage these resources and implement an approach that will enable individuals to further develop their skills, it is recommended to evaluate the current situation.

Assessing the knowledge and skill levels of your project managers will help you to identify individual and group strengths and weaknesses when it comes to project management.


  • Identify the current skills of project managers
  • Identify knowledge areas where improvements need to be made
  • Identify training requirements

Best practices

When it comes to assessing the skills of project managers, it is preferable to carry out the assessment using the PMBOK® Guide, which enables comparative analyses. Whether you are assessing an individual or a group, the goal is to identify requirements in terms of project management training and learning, according to the ten knowledge areas covered by the PMBOK® Guide standard.

The scores indicate the areas for which the organization has the necessary skills as well as those where improvements are needed.

Our solutions

PMGS has developed an assessment tool and approach to help organizations gain understanding of their current skill levels, determine the levels required to support their strategic goals and develop a competency acquisition plan.

Our assessment tool consists of a set of online questionnaires available in English or French. These questionnaires contain context-sensitive questions used to determine project leaders’ experience as well as questions used to determine project management knowledge according to the nine knowledge areas covered by the PMBOK® Guide.

The approach developed by PMGS consists of the following steps:

  1. Preparation of the assessment: A meeting is held with the organization’s main players to gain understanding of its strategic goals when it comes to project management. This initial step also enables us to identify the target groups and reconfigure the assessment tool as necessary.
  2. Assessment and analysis of results: Once the participants have completed their assessment, PMGS drafts a report to summarize and analyze the group’s performance. More specifically, PMGS identifies the areas where the organization performs well and those where improvements are needed.
  3. Development of an improvement plan: Based on the results of the assessment and your priorities, PMGS recommends a skills improvement plan that is adapted to each target group and includes appropriate training and other learning activities such as coaching and mentoring.


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  • SAFT
  • FIDO