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Customized Training Solutions

Training that takes into account your teams’ environment and day-to-day activities is provides a greater return on investment as the participants can directly apply the learnt concepts to their day-to-day job. Developing a customized program for your organization consists of using components from PMGS standard course materials and adapting it to your needs. Thus, your name is mentioned in the program and your case studies are taken into consideration. Customized training becomes an integral part of your corporate culture.


  • How to make sure that training focuses on my needs?
  • How to make training a tool that will encourage participants to adopt your corporate culture and practices?
  • How to maximize the learning solution efficiency and ensure skills are directly applied by the participants?

Best practices

The main objective of customizing courses is to align course content on the organization’s specific project management processes and methods. To this effect, learning solutions that encourage knowledge application in the day-to-day environment are developed. As part of a customization project, the following must be taken into consideration in order to produce the best possible results:

  • Do not reinvent the wheel : It is our experience that PMGS’ existing course modules meet most of our clients’ training content needs. Furthermore, these modules have been regularly optimized in accordance with feedback received from previous sessions. Therefore, when this content is reused, courses are developed efficiently and content quality is assured.
  • Based on PMI standards: Some of our courses are aligned on the PMI standards, which guarantees that your training will be compatible with state-of-the-art tools and techniques as well as a world-renowned project management standard.
  • “How to” learning solutions: Based on our experience, a course that emphasizes practical aspects is more beneficial for participants than a strictly theoretical course. Consequently, PMGS always develops its courses to ensure that at least half of the time spent in the classroom is devoted to practice.
  • Work on real-life projects: Our experience indicates that our participants learn more efficiently and gain a better understanding of project management principles when the exercises and case studies are based on their real-world environment (industry, organizational culture, day to day activities, jargon, etc.).

Our solutions

In close collaboration with its clients, PMGS has successfully designed over the years case studies, role plays and specific simulations for many companies. They directly deal with the challenges that participants face on the job, thus preparing them to identify and adopt practices that will enable them to react efficiently to these same situations.
There are several degrees of customization: simply reworking agendas, customizing single exercises or customizing an entire course (content, exercises, case studies, trainer facilitation, etc.). Everything depends on your training goals. PMGS has developed an approach to developing customized learning solutions that meet various organizational needs. This approach is project based and usually consists of the following steps :

  1. Initial project meeting (to validate objectives, timelines, stakeholders, etc.)
  2. Analysis of the project environment and specifications
  3. Development of the training program
  4. Development of the training material
  5. Material validation meeting
  6. Finalization and desktop publishing
  7. Pilot session
  8. “Lessons Learned”
  9. Program deployment


  • Air Liquide
  • Schneider Electric
  • Sanofi-Aventis
  • Solvay
  • City of Montreal