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Issues and Best Practices


  • How to meet excess and immediate demand for project resources?
  • How to temporarily provide the organization with specific expertise to deliver its key project?
  • How to ensure a permanent employee’s interim as well as a smooth transition?

Best practices

To successfully carry out employee placement, the organization must verify certain points to be able to maximize the resulting benefits:

  1. Determine the consultant’s role: This role must be clear from the start of the mission. If the role is clear, the organization will be able to make an optimal use of the consultant. To this effect, the organization must ask itself the following questions:
    • For which project activities?
    • For how long will this resource’s support be required?
    • What specific skills are required for this mission?
  2. Avoid becoming dependent: A mission of this type must be of short duration to avoid potential conflicts with internal employees. To this effect, the external resource’s mandate must be defined in clear teams and with clear objectives. This mission will be reviewed midway through the process to make sure that all objectives will be achieved.
  3. Communicate with stakeholders: The arrival of an external consultant may generate negative reactions from the internal team. To prevent this from happening, it is also necessary to explain the reasons that led the organization to retain the services of an external resource.

PMGS relies on an international network of project management professionals who can be rapidly deployed to meet your project resource needs.

In most cases, our interventions have enabled our clients to handle sudden increases in their project activities and complex projects requiring specific expertise, to recover projects in jeopardy and to ensure the transitional management of project groups.