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Project Management Office

For years, organizations have experienced difficulty delivering projects on time and within budget. Given the current pressure to maximize returns on organizational structures and achieve goals at all costs, project performance becomes a critical success factor. This challenge has led many organizations to start up project management offices for their project activities.

Project offices enable organizations to manage their resources more efficiently, minimize the number of unsuccessful projects and support those projects that contribute most to the organization.


  • Lack of a common methodology, standard or language
  • High rate of troubled projects and project failures
  • Difficulty gaining a consolidated view of projects

How to proceed?

One solution consists of implementing a project management office, i.e., an entity within the organization responsible for the centralized and coordinated management of projects. There are two main project management office models :

  • A project office that serves as a consulting entity within the organization by providing the organization’s project managers and entities with training, mentoring and good practices
  • A more centralized project office that directly incorporates project managers.

Although project offices vary in terms of size, structure and responsibilities, they must be expected to act and contribute in the following fields :

  • Project performance tracking : Track and control projects. Consolidate information to gain an overall view.
  • Project management methods and processes : Develop and implement a coherent methodology and standard processes adapted to the organization.
  • Training : Lead project management training programs or determine the need to retain the services of a training provider.
  • Project manager centralization: Maintain a team of project managers to ensure skills are adapted to the organization’s projects.
  • Consulting and mentoring : Encourage the deployment of best practices and provide training on the organization’s guidelines.
  • Project management information systems : Choose and maintain tools beneficial for the organization.
  • Project portfolio management : Implement processes to enable the organization to ensure project selection, prioritization and follow-up according to its goals.

Our solutions

What does implementing a project management office involve ?
It depends… It depends on the organization’s needs and its vision of how the project management office will contribute to meeting its needs by adding value to the organization.

PMGS can help you understand how to define and implement a project office that is adapted to your organization’s reality. As with any other transformation project, we have the necessary experience to help you develop an implementation strategy that takes your organization’s reality into consideration. Implementing a project office is a process that requires between 6 and 12 months, depending on its type. For example, a deployment model can consist of the following :

  • Analysis of the organization’s current situation
  • Development of the organization’s vision of the future in keeping with expected benefits
  • Variance analysis and identification of project office responsibilities to minimize variances
  • Development of an implementation project that considers resource priorities and needs. Emphasis is placed on identifying quick hits and critical aspects (balance between high-impact and easy-to-implement projects)
  • Validation of results during the implementation and making the necessary adjustments


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