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Project Methodology & Tools

Today, the high complexity of projects commands interaction between the company’s different hierarchical levels and departments. Thus, a recognized and harmonized project management method must be implemented and those concerned by this method must receive specific training.

The implementation of a project management methodology, i.e., a project lifecycle adapted to your organization, will provide a frame of reference to enable teams to carry out projects efficiently.


  • Heterogeneity of tools and models within the organization
  • Lack of communication and understanding
  • Difficulty integrating project information to provide a consolidated view
  • Consideration of the specific needs of the different entities within the organization while ensuring a common base

How to proceed ?

By deploying a methodology, the need to establish a set of processes and models that interact with the organization’s business process and facilitate professional project management practices is met. As with any other transformation project, change management must be taken into account when implementing a project methodology. Adopting a project methodology truly represents an investment when certain winning conditions are met :

  • Have management’s support and make sure they make it known
  • Follow the training and mentoring process to facilitate its appropriation
  • Take the necessary time to deploy the methodology but make sure to have measurable and accessible intermediate results (Quick Hits) to reassure and motivate
  • Use pilot groups including multidisciplinary projects to obtain everyone’s endorsement
  • Consider a federative common language that meet the requirements of the lowest common denominator
  • Communicate on the project

Our solutions

PMGS can help you define and implement a project management methodology that will improve the quality of your project’s outcomes.

There exists no “one fits all” methodology or ready-made approach that will perfectly suit your organization. The solution resides in combining the industry’s best practices and adapting them to the reality of your organization.

Our approach consists of suggesting the necessary methodology. The method’s quality does not depend on the number of tools, models or pages; the method must be in line with the organization’s projects environment.

PMGS has the experience and expertise required to help you define and deploy a project methodology adapted to your needs.

PMGS typically uses the following model to deploy project management methodologies within organizations :

Assess the current situation
Whether a company has an established process or not, all organizations manage their projects and use methods, tools and practices that often originate from project managers themselves. At this stage, PMGS assesses your current maturity level and compares it to the best practices. Using a recognized international standard enables comparisons with other companies operating in your field of activity.

Define an improvement plan
Based on the assessment results, PMGS identifies where your methodology needs to be improved or where it needs to be strengthened with the process. Along with you, based on your priorities and your organization’s capacity to deploy corrective measures, PMGS will come up with an improvement plan consisting of a phased deployment and suggested short- and mid-term results.

Implement the improvement plan
PMGS can support you in carrying out this plan by mentoring key resources. We take the following actions :

  • Define and implement detailed processes and tools
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of tools
  • Familiarize project managers with the tools and models
  • Train the organization’s stakeholders on the methodology.


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