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CASE STUDY : Project Management Awareness Solution


  • Industry: Gases Management
  • Company: World leader in gases for industry, health and the environment. Multi-billion dollar company active worldwide in 80 countries. The group supplies gases in diverse industries such as steel industry, food and beverage, electronics or pharmaceuticals
  • Areas of Practice: Competency development
  • Services Provided: Customized training solutions, Project Methodology and tools, Coaching
  • Locations: Conception – France. Deployment – Worldwide.
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In order to transform his collective and individual practices, improve his performance and promote the search of solutions our client decided to launch a Global Strategic Program in 2004; one of the initiatives included in this program was the development of a Project Management culture and knowledge throughout the organization. Four main objectives were defined:

  • Develop a worldwide common Project Management approach
  • Develop a common Project Management Delivery Model
  • Develop a Project Management training Program worldwide
  • Develop standard guidelines and templates in Project Management


  • Develop a common language in a global context, with a large variety of activities in terms of size and complexity
  • Conciliate the different levels of expertise and knowledge from one group to another
  • Encourage participants to adopt a corporate culture and practices in Project Management
  • Coordinate the multiple sectors of the enterprise in order to assure the consistency of the solution

In order to achieve their goals the company chose PMGS as its global project management provider. During this program, PMGS worked with this organization to:

  1. Structure common project management practices:
    • Project Management framework based on the PMI® standard
    • Project Management delivery model ,a glossary of terms and main acronyms presented in form of Booklet
    • Case studies and exercises were developed with company’s real examples and information
  2. Develop project management training solutions :
    • PMGS developed, deployed and customized an awareness training content for a general audience, with the flexibility to be delivered in 2 or 3 days format
    • PMGS has complemented training with specific coaching sessions to apply Project Management concepts to real life projects
    • PMGS has developed, deployed and adapted the original version of the training course to an R&D context.
  3. Develop of templates and Project management models
    • PMGS create and developed guideline documents in order to standardize the best practices and improve the efficiency within the company


  1. The training courses were delivered on time in order to support the overall objective of the global program deployment with a qualified pool of 15 instructors worldwide.
  2. Since 2008 PMGS has been training an average of 600 people per year. PMGS delivered these training sessions in Europe, America, Africa and Asia-Pacific in 8 languages. The awareness towards project management is now stronger at the company.
  3. The 2004 transformation program was a great success thanks to the use of Project Management Best Practices, as a consequence of the results generated in this program, in 2007 our customer launch a new ambitious productivity program , for this new program PMGS was assigned as a Project Management partner
  4. PMGS became a global coordinator and a key reference in Project Management for the customer entities at worldwide level.

Since 1994, unparalleled, proven expertise in project management training and consulting has made PMGS a natural partner for organizations from all industries on every continent that require new strategies and methods in order to boost project performance. PMGS’s action-oriented approach is based upon customized and integrated solutions with the objective to increase the competency level of resources and the maturity level of the organization. PMGS experienced consultant network offer dual expertise in project management training and consulting.

The international activity of PMGS in 2010 represents hundreds of deliveries in more than 25 countries and 8 different languages. PMGS’s offices are located in Montreal, Paris, Beijing, New Delhi, and Sydney. PMGS designs and performs integrated and customized solutions that contribute to develop skills and maturity in Project Management. These solutions are based on the project Management Institute (PMI®) standards.

Stephanie Constantin
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