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CASE STUDY : Support a Merger & Acquisition Integration in a very aggressive Timeline


  • Industry: Telecom
  • Company: A diversified Canadian communications and media company engaged in three primary lines of business: Wireless voice and data communications services provider; Cable services provider, offering cable television, high-speed Internet access, and telephony products for residential and business customers; and a group of category-leading broadcast, specialty, print and on-line media assets.
  • Areas of Practice: Organizational Maturity, On-demand resources
  • Services Provided: Program & Project Management, Project Management Office, Project Management Methodology & Tools
  • Locations: Canada.
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Our client, a major Canadian wireless telecom company, had signed an agreement to acquire a competitor. This client wanted to deploy an aggressive evaluation and execution program to gain immediate benefits of the operations and capital synergies between the two companies. This duration of the Integration program had been established at 12 months, starting on day one of the post-acquisition period.

In this Merger and Acquisition Integration process, the customer was looking for a firm to provide:

  • Project Management Consultants (Programs Manager, Project Managers, and Project Control Officers) to work closely with the client’s Team in order to build, manage the Integration PMO and deliver the Integration-related projects;
  • Ready to deploy PMO, Portfolio, Program, Project Management methodologies, tools and techniques.


  • Respect the aggressive timeline (12 months) considering the Integration scope: Network and IT systems, the Financial, HR and Payroll environments, the call center and billing environments and the commercial products management environments, including all business processes and operations adjustments required.
  • Staff and manage the cross-functional Integration projects of two major Canadian wireless telecom companies.
  • Consider the change management aspect of the merger: mix of two different cultures, duplication of roles, demotivated employees.

Based on its experience, PMGS developed a multidisciplinary, project-oriented field approach (commercial, operational and technical) that relies on simple and efficient techniques.

To support the Integration, PMGS implemented an Integration Program Management Office (PMO) with the specific mandate of delivering the new operations model. PMGS worked in synergy with the entity in charge of elaborating this new model.

Through the Integration PMO, this Acquisition Synergy Realization Program was structured around five main poles:

  • operations best practices sharing and integration;
  • partners and suppliers integration;
  • organizational design optimization through development of shared services;
  • infrastructure integration;
  • information systems integration.

Different service teams were set in place to support these poles, including a Financial Synergy Identification and Tracking team, a Change Management team and a Communications team.

This Integration PMO was responsible for:

  • Project Delivery
    • Ensure overall Integration project portfolio management;
    • Ensure proper program reporting;
    • Organize, manage and facilitate Integration meetings as needed by the PMO.
  • Post-implementation operations :
    • Ensure delivery of the post-implementation operations, including the following processes and deliverables: Identification, tracking and planning of the next phases required to complete project delivery or to increase stability following the status of operations after cut over;
  • Post mortem and knowledge transfer:
    • Communicate overall Integration program documents and knowledge archiving strategy and process;
    • Supervise the post mortem processes for the multidisciplinary projects and general Integration post mortems;
    • Facilitate post mortem review meetings with key stakeholders.

PMGS also provided Project Management Consultants (Program Managers, Project Managers, Project Control Officers) to work closely with our client’s team in order to build, manage the Integration PMO and deliver the Integration-related projects. The consultant teams were comprised of project experts with a global perspective of business management.

The Integration team achieved and in many cases exceeded the objectives for the Integration project. Specifically:

  1. The team met the delivery deadlines for each phase of the cut-off in operations. The transition from two systems to one common system was mostly transparent for the end-users. When onboard, the PMGS consultants were quickly up to speed and contributed to the project delivery success.
  2. The Integration PMO facilitated/encouraged communication and exchange between the two teams. This brought our client to succeed in keeping the employees of the acquired firm motivated, and willing to transfer their knowledge even if they were fired.
  3. The Integration PMO, through clear, objective and communicated processes, enabled a constructive environment (system, processes and people) and a return on investment analysis.
  4. The practices implemented during this Integration project served as standards for further projects within the integrated company. Key learning from the project enabled other project teams to optimize communication between different areas of the company and to ensure the success of their projects.

Since 1994, unparalleled, proven expertise in project management training and consulting has made PMGS a natural partner for organizations from all industries on every continent that require new strategies and methods in order to boost project performance. PMGS’s action-oriented approach is based upon customized and integrated solutions with the objective to increase the competency level of resources and the maturity level of the organization. PMGS experienced consultant network offer dual expertise in project management training and consulting.

The international activity of PMGS in 2010 represents hundreds of deliveries in more than 25 countries and 8 different languages. PMGS’s offices are located in Montreal and Paris. PMGS designs and performs integrated and customized solutions that contribute to develop skills and maturity in Project Management. These solutions are based on the project Management Institute (PMI®) standards.

Stephanie Constantin
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