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Accueil > Training > Curriculums > Introductions > Introduction to Project Management

Introduction to Project Management

Niveau : Introduction Code : IPM02EN
Durée : 2 days Pré-requis : No
Solution de formation : Formation Profil des  
participants :
Chef De Projet Junior, Parties Prenantes, Direction
PDU’s : To be defined
Langue de la formation : Français, Anglais
Support de la formation : Français, Anglais

Course Overview

This introductive session was specially developed to allow participants to better understand the project management methods and to acquire the necessary general knowledge, basic techniques and tools to manage the complete life cycle of a project. Case studies and numerous examples will also allow the participant to put in practice concepts, tools and techniques. This session is intended to give a simple and practical overall view of project management, a glimpse of project’s culture and roles of the stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

  • Associate the objectives and goals of the project to the clear and competitive demands of the stakeholders
  • Elaborate a solid project plan taking into account his/her specific restrictions in terms of costs and organisation.
  • Define measurable and realistic objectives and guarantee positive results
  • Estimate time and costs of a project by means of simple and approved techniques
  • Acquire competence, techniques and fundamental concepts in project management

Course Outline

Introduction to project management

  • What is a project ?
  • What is project management ?
  • Why manage projects ?
  • Project life cycle

What is the project working environment ?

  • The project environment
  • Organization models
  • The project management office (PMO)
  • The responsibility assignment matrix

Deciding on the partners

  • Be the Project Manager
  • Be a “manager” and a “leader”
  • Communication skills
  • For an effective communication

Where do Projects stem from ?

  • Understanding needs
  • From needs to objectives
  • Identify key project information
  • Create a project portfolio

Start the project

  • Name the project manager
  • Project Charter
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Building the team
  • Motivation
  • Conflict management

Plan the project

  • Project scope planning
  • Document the scope
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Project scheduling
  • Detailed cost estimating
  • Quality planning
  • Risk planning
  • Project management plan
  • Deployment preparation


  • Project implementation
  • Product development
  • Product delivery
  • Product deployment

Facing real life

  • Establishing the project’s status report
  • Reporting to the organisation
  • Modification management

Successful completion

  • What is project completion ?
  • Starting the operational mode
  • Project en review

Case studies and exercises

Les meilleures pratiques en gestion de projet

"Ce cours permet de mieux structurer notre façon de faire. À nous d’adapter les techniques en fonction des projets. Support clair et exhaustif."

Responsable de Service, ABB MC