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Managing Project Managers

Improve project performance through effective project management teams.

Niveau : Introduction Code : MPM01EN
Durée : 1 day Pré-requis : No
Solution de formation : Conférence Profil des  
participants :
PDU’s : To be defined
Langue de la formation : Français, Anglais
Support de la formation : Français, Anglais

Course Overview

In this projectized world, high-performing project management teams are a key to drive strategic results. The leader of the project managers have an essential role to play in this cross-functional, dynamic and changing environment. With the appropriate approach, the manager can influence the direction of projects and empower his project managers to succeed. In order to do so, he will need to understand and master notions of project portfolio management, how to allocate resources and build a team, monitor and anticipate the project progress. The goal of this course is to provide participants with guidance and techniques for improving their project portfolio performance and manage successfully a group of project managers.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the challenges of leading and managing project managers
  • Understand what makes a strong project management practice
  • Recognize what is expected from PM’s
  • Create a Customer-driven focus for your projects
  • Identify how to manage your project portfolio to increase project‘s success

Course Outline


  • What is different now in a projectized world ?
  • Driving results through Project Management
  • Value of project management

How to develop a strong project management practice

  • Key factors preventing project success
  • The components of project success
  • The project management execution system
  • How to sustain project management

What is expected from project managers ?

  • Project Manager roles and responsibilities
  • What should we expect from PM’s ?
  • Key responsibilities : PM’s vs. Manager of PM’s

Understanding challenges of managing PM’s

  • The human dimension
  • Managing vs. Leadership
  • Allocating resources among project priorities

Establish a PM”s team

  • Create and maintain a Customer-driven focus
  • Empower the team
  • Manage diversity in project teams
  • Manage conflicts on projects
  • Promote effective compensation

Manage your project portfolio

  • Determine your project portfolio mix
  • Get the right people for the right project
  • Manage people for multiples projects

Les meilleures pratiques en gestion de projet

"Ce cours permet de mieux structurer notre façon de faire. À nous d’adapter les techniques en fonction des projets. Support clair et exhaustif."

Responsable de Service, ABB MC

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