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Accueil > Training > Curriculums > References > Project Procurement / Contract Management

Project Procurement / Contract Management

Key factor in achieving your projects.

Niveau : Reference Code : PRO03EN
Durée : 3 days Pré-requis : BPM – Best practices
Solution de formation : Formation Profil des  
participants :
Chef De Projet, Chef De Projet Senior, Directeur De Programme
PDU’s : 24
Langue de la formation : Français, Anglais
Support de la formation : Français, Anglais

Course Overview

Contracting officers, purchasing managers, and subcontractors are often among the players with whom the project manager must work to achieve overall project success. The increasingly complex legal and regulatory structure within which contracts are formed, and the prominent role contracting and purchasing personnel play in achieving project objectives, require project managers to understand the fundamental of procurement and contracting process. Get an overview of all phases of contracting, from requirements development to closeout. Effective contract negotiation and administration can ensure project success, reducing risks and costs.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify contract components and understand the process from start to finish
  • Select the right contract type for your project
  • Understand the business legal terminologies
  • Choose the offer that will result in the best value for the buyer
  • Negotiate favourable terms and make revisions to the contract
  • Administer contracts appropriately, and know when and how to terminate before or upon completion

Course Outline

Understanding the Contract Management Process

  • Contract management definition
  • Buyer, seller, and subcontractor terms
  • Description and uses of contracts
  • The buyer and seller objectives
  • Contract management and PMBOK® Guide

Teamwork-Role and Responsibilities

  • Concepts of agency
  • Types of authority
  • Contract privacy

Global Contracting Concepts and Principles

  • Definition of a contract
  • Elements of a contract : offer, acceptance, competent parties, consideration, legality of purpose
  • Terms and conditions
  • Interpreting contract provision

Contracting Methods

  • Contracting methods – competitive and non-competitive
  • Sealed bidding
  • Single-source negotiation vs. sole-source negotiation

Pre-Award Phase

  • Developing a procurement plan
  • Solicitation
  • Bid/no-bid decision making
  • Proposal preparation
  • The buyer and seller’s activities

Developing Contract Pricing Agreement

  • Uncertainty, risk, and performance measurements
  • Categories and types of contracts
  • Contract incentives and fees
  • Time-and-materials contracts
  • Selecting contract types

Award Phase

  • Source selection process
  • Selection criteria : management, technical, and price criteria
  • Evaluation standards
  • Negotiation objectives
  • Negotiating a contract

Contract Administration

  • Key contract administration policies
  • Dealing with non-compliance
  • Continuous communication
  • Applicable charges to the buyers and the sellers
  • Change Management
  • Claims and disputes
  • Termination and contract resolution

Les meilleures pratiques en gestion de projet

"Ce cours permet de mieux structurer notre façon de faire. À nous d’adapter les techniques en fonction des projets. Support clair et exhaustif."

Responsable de Service, ABB MC

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