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The PMI’s PgMP® (Program Management Professional) credential recognizes demonstrated experience, skill and performance in oversight of multiple, related projects that are aligned with organizational objectives.

The PgMP® Certification focuses on the Corporate Strategic Vision, the Corporate Benefits Management Approach and the Organizational Governance.

  • The Corporate Strategic Vision is ensured by a consistent Strategic Portfolio.
  • The Corporate Benefits Management Approach ranges from the Benefits identification to the Benefits transition.
  • The Organizational Governance is materialized by a Strategic Planning, which has to ensure the consistency between the Management by Projects and the Management of the Operations.

By the end of Q2 2010, there were over 400 certified PgMP®s in the world.

Section 1Profile

The PMI’s PgMP ® Certification is intended for individuals :

  • Who manage programs that may contain complex activities that span functions, organizations, geographic regions and cultures.
  • Who wish to build credibility, establish rapport and maintain communication with stakeholders at multiple levels, including those external to the organization.
  • Who possess advanced skills in finance, cross-cultural awareness, leadership, communication, influence, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Section 2Prerequisites

  • Education : Bachelor’s Degree or global equivalent. With :
    • Project Management experience : Four years (6000 hours)
    • Program management experience : Four years (6000 hours)
  • Education : High school diploma or global equivalent. With :
    • Project Management experience : Four years (6000 hours)
    • Program management experience : Seven years (10500 hours)

Section 3PMGS’s Service Offering

Through its training programs, PMGS offers support for validation and monitoring of the participant’s PMI registration profile through to the PgMP® exam.

PMGS has developed two training programs to acquire skills and prepare for certification :

Section 4Steps to certification

  • Create a profile and complete online an application on the PMI® website : www.pmi.org
  • Upon the approval of the candidate’s application, the candidate’s profile will be reviewed by a committee composed of PMI Program Management experts.
  • Following the committee’s successful review of the candidate’s profile, the PMI sends a letter of eligibility allowing the candidate to take the PgMP® exam. The candidate is then eligible to take the exam for a period of 1 year.
  • The candidate schedules the desired date of examination via the firm Prometric : www.prometric.com
  • Following the success of the computerized test, candidates must pass a Multi-rater Assessment
  • The success of the Multi-rater assessment allows the award of the PgMP ®.

Section 5Exam Information

  • Evaluation 1 – Application Review : The initial evaluation is conducted through an extensive application review during which a panel of Program Managers will perform a review of the candidate’s professional Project and Program Management experience.
  • Evaluation 2 – Multiple-Choice Examination : The next step is conducted through a multiple-choice examination (170 multiple choice questions) in which the candidate will be called upon to demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge to both situational and scenario-based questions.
  • Evaluation 3 – Multi-rater Assessment (MRA) : Once candidates pass the examination, they are taken to the third and final evaluation, which is the MRA. Similar to a “360-degree review process”, a team of raters selected by each candidate selects will assess the candidate’s abilities to perform tasks that are pertinent to Program Management.


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