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Accueil > Training > PMI Certifications > PgMP® > Steps to certification

Steps to certification

  • Create a profile and complete online an application on the PMI® website : www.pmi.org
  • Upon the approval of the candidate’s application, the candidate’s profile will be reviewed by a committee composed of PMI Program Management experts.
  • Following the committee’s successful review of the candidate’s profile, the PMI sends a letter of eligibility allowing the candidate to take the PgMP® exam. The candidate is then eligible to take the exam for a period of 1 year.
  • The candidate schedules the desired date of examination via the firm Prometric : www.prometric.com
  • Following the success of the computerized test, candidates must pass a Multi-rater Assessment
  • The success of the Multi-rater assessment allows the award of the PgMP ®.