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PgMP® Certification : PMGS has just obtained his first PgMP® certified !

PMGS, expert in Project Management, has launched his PgMP® certification preparation Program in 2010. We obtain our first PgMP® certified in 2011 ! This first PgMP® certified is the 4th one in France. This is showing the keen interest for this subject and the development of this certification on the national and international level. There are around 600 PgMP® certified people in the world. The PgMP® certification in few words …. The PgMP® certification recognizes your experience, your knowledge and ability to manage many inter connected projects, aligned on a strategic and an organizational purpose. This is not only highlighting your skills in the Project Management, but also your ability to deliver results and benefits for the business. This is requesting : • A strategic vision of the business that brings out a consistent projects portfolio. • An organization’s governance materialized by a strategic planning that allows an effective transition between the management by projects and the operational management of the company.

For whom ?

The PgMP® certification is targeting managers who are able to : • Manage programs containing complex activities, in particular transversal activities concerning several functions, organizations, geographical regions and cultures. • Follow, inform and maintain the communication with the totality of the stakeholders at the different level of the company. • Have advanced skills in finance, leadership, management of the cultural differences, communication, negotiation and conflicts resolution.

How becoming PgMP® ?

Admission criteria

• Experience in Project management : ◦ with an educational level lower than 4 years after the A level : the candidate must give proof of a minimum of 6000 hours experience in project management and 10500 hours in program management during the last 15 years. ◦ with an educational level higher than 4 years after the A level : the candidate must give proof of a minimum of 6000 hours experience in project management and 6000 hours in program management during the last 15 years. Please consult our Web agenda to see the dates of our next PgMP® preparation sessions !

About PMGS

PMGS is an international company enjoying a two-fold expertise : training and consulting in Project Management. PMGS were set up in Paris in 2001 by one of the founder member of PMI® in France. It has become an essential partner for companies willing to improve their performance in the Project Management on a worldwide level. The international activity of PMGS is accounting in 2010 hundreds of deliveries in more than 25 countries and 8 different languages. The offices of PMGS are located in Paris-France, in Montreal – Canada, in Beijing – China, in New Delhi – India and in Sydney – Australia. PMGS designs and performs integrated and customized solutions that contribute to develop skills and maturity in Project Management. These solutions are based on the project Management Institute (PMI®) standards. PMGS is a PMI® accredited company on “Global registered Education Provider” since 2001 as well as “registered Consultant Program” since 2011.

Aurélie POULIQUEN Marketing & Sales manager PMGS EMEA