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Accueil > News and Events > PMGS, France, delivers a consulting program in Afghanistan !

PMGS, France, delivers a consulting program in Afghanistan !

PMGS has considerably increased its operations in emerging markets like the Asian. Its implementation for Roshan in Afghanistan of assessment tools like OPMCAP, created and developed by PMGS, provided an outstanding first feedback and the expected results.

PMGS developed its own vision of Project Management, thanks to our experience in delivering always suitable solutions to our clients and to our team of analysts who deeply studied Afghanistan’s telecommunications’ status and context. This last experience is one of the several reasons which certainly ensures that PMGS, based on PMI® and APMG International standards, has been trusted by the main corporate companies in major markets for the past 10 years.

PMGS offered a first phase of assessment service which was absolutely tailor-made which showed Roshan’s improvement needs in aspects such as risk management or its awareness in project management. Our global, integrated assessment solutions combined insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with Roshan’s industry and business knowledge to help them excel. By implementing skills from across Roshan’s organization, PMGS delivered an unrivalled approach that truly answered their demands. Our company understands Roshan, their context, industry and issues ; and this allowed us to provide them with outstanding advice.

As we all know, success in projects requires the appropriate skills and maturity level in project organization by the project manager. As part of its approach to consulting, PMGS preliminary Roshan’s assessment in project organization and individual competency assessments were adapted through all of its phases of creation in strict collaboration with Roshan’s executives from several departments.

PMGS is proud to help Roshan nowadays to develop its techniques in project management and not only also to help them to learn or discover new concepts, but especially to support the implementation of tools which are essential for the success of Roshan’s actual and upcoming projects.

These assessment tools, OPMCAP, were developed to assist Roshan supervision and monitoring of its projects. In fact, planning and control are two key factors for a project’s success and also will allow Roshan managers to reduce future uncertainties and risks. Therefore, thanks to this experience in Afghanistan, PMGS showed how to bring deep, functional expertise and capture value across Roshan. PMGS have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

See you soon,

Eduard Jané