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Home > Training > Curriculums > Introductions > Opportunity to Contract: How to manage the "pre-project"

Opportunity to Contract: How to manage the "pre-project"

Propose, negotiating and closing

Level : Introduction Code : MPAV03EN
Duration : 3 days Prerequisites : No
Solution : Training Participants’ Profile : Junior Project Manager
PDU’s : 24
Delivery Language : French
Material Language : French

Course Overview

The objective of this training is to prepare the pre-sales of the project in every step, in order to achieve a winning proposal. Participants will be able to understand which are the phases, general techniques and constraints linked to the pre-sales process and to embrace an enriching common culture. The goal of this training is based on understanding how relevant pre-sales are and to be capable of rebounding pre-sales’ knowledge to projects’ success.

Learning objectives

  • Understand how to manage tender and contract
  • Analyze global project processes
  • Design strategies of Tender and risk planning
  • Establish a contractual analysis to positively impact on the upcoming project
  • Negotiating propositions and influencing to achieve success
  • Negotiating and closing the deal

Participant Profile

This course is designed for business engineers, proposals managers, pre-sales or offers managers, customer project managers and business analysts

Course Outline


  • Training presentation
  • Phases, general techniques and constraints
  • The reasons for mastering pre-sales’ skills

Tender and contract

  • Learn how to manage Tender and contract
  • Understand project management and the project selling Processes
  • To be capable of understanding and finding out customer needs
  • Offering potential strategies

Global project process overview

  • Understand what is a Global Project Process
  • To be able to align customer buying processes with a global project process

Tender and risk planning

  • Determine the appropriate strategy depending on each offer
  • Scoping and scheduling techniques in order to build tender planning
  • Assess tender risk

Contractual analysis

  • Understanding contractual analysis and its fundamentals
  • Integrating the appropriate clauses in a tender
  • Embracing a view based on the main rules on important clauses in a tender

Propose and win

  • Defining a solution price based on its value and solution pricing methodologies
  • Determining the financial value of the solution proposed to the customer in order to minimize the acquisition’s cost

Negotiate and close

  • Efficiently meeting preparation and negotiation
  • Managing deviations and tracking them during negotiation
  • Lead of Win/Loss reviews

Case studies & exercises

Best practices in project management

"This course will help structure the way we do. To us to adapt technology based projects. Support clear and comprehensive."

Head of Service, ABB MC

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