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Home > Training > Curriculums > References > Managing Intercultural Projects

Managing Intercultural Projects

Level : Reference Code : MINP01EN
Duration : 1 day Prerequisites : No
Solution : Workshop Participants’ Profile : Junior Project Manager, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Stakeholders, Program Manager
PDU’s : 8
Delivery Language : French, English
Material Language : French, English

Course Overview

This workgroup will make you recognize and consider the main issues related to a multicultural environment in the implementation of a project. The working group focuses on developing your personal skills to manage effectively projects in multicultural environment: understanding better your audience and help you to be more understood. You will also learn how to identify the levers related to intercultural in order to develop cohesion in your project team. Knowledge of these issues will help you to manage the inherent risks in an international and multicultural context. During the training, some themes of the framework of the PMBOK Guide® will be developed to consider the intercultural dimension.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify issues related to multicultural environment in a project
  • Understand and know how to detect behaviors associated with intercultural
  • Take into account cultural differences in organizing project meetings
  • Integrate the cultural dimension in the management of a project team

Course Outline

The multicultural context in Project Management:

  • Definitions "multicultural" and "Multicultural" project
  • Review Questionnaire: The project context of participants
  • Examples of projects in a multicultural context
  • Key issues for intercultural project manager
  • Exercise: Analyze video clip: "Language problem?»

Understand cultural differences

  • "Stereotypes"
  • Exercise Quiz: "How do you see the other nationalities?"
  • Analysis Grid: The "cultural dimensions": the cultural profile
  • Exercise: Make your own cultural profile
  • The cultural profiles "types": Do’s and Don’ts

Communication Project in an intercultural context

  • Communication project in the PMBOK Guide® and intercultural
  • The intercultural dimension in the communication model
  • Issues related to the implementation of communication
  • Analysis of examples: The differences in communication styles
  • Exercise: "Simulation of communication

Developing and Managing a Project Team

  • PMBOK Guide®: Managing a project team and "multicultural"
  • Consideration of "cultural dimensions" in the management of a team
  • Impact of dimensions on series of processes of the PMBOK Guide®
  • Exercise: Analysis of video clips: "Adapt your management style"
  • The role of Project Manager in the development of a multicultural team


  • To go further - information sources

Best practices in project management

"This course will help structure the way we do. To us to adapt technology based projects. Support clear and comprehensive."

Head of Service, ABB MC

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