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Home > Training > Curriculums > References > Project Quality Management

Project Quality Management

Master the quality management tools of the project to optimize the project’s success.

Level : Reference Code : QUM02EN
Duration : 2 days Prerequisites : BPM – Best practices
Solution : Training Participants’ Profile : Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Program Manager
PDU’s : 16
Delivery Language : French, English
Material Language : French, English

Course Overview

This course brings the forefront the essentials of quality management and its vital link to business success. More and more businesses today are realising that in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and therefore remain competitive in the market place, they must institute quality concepts, tools, and techniques into their organisation. This includes the quality standards, ISO 9000’s credential and continuous improvement process understanding. This course shows you how to integrate quality management concepts with project management practices to create a successful customer relationship and business environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Choose among common models of Quality Management.
  • Set up concepts of quality within processes and projects.
  • Identify the client’s needs and to determine the Quality-Assurance standards.
  • Develop a Project Quality Plan.
  • Use tools and Quality control techniques to collect and measure performance.
  • Evaluate performance measures and determine the means to set up processes improvement.

Course Outline

The Quality Movement

  • Quality and the project environment
  • Current quality trends
  • Modern quality innovators
  • Quality standards ISO9000
  • What is quality?
  • Quality management responsibilities
  • Five principles in quality management
  • Traditional management processes: Control
  • Management processes : Prevention

Quality Planning

  • Quality Planning
  • Customers identification
  • Define customer requirements/specifications
  • Team quality functions
  • Common techniques in quality planning

Quality Assurance

  • Quality assurance
  • Technical measures
  • The customer-supplier relationship
  • Quality function deployment
  • Components of a quality plan

Quality Control

  • Seven principal tools in mastering quality

Continuous Process Improvement

  • Plan Do Check Act (PDCA)
  • Control diagram and SPC
  • Create and use control charts
  • Customer satisfaction management
  • Net Promoter Score

What’s next in Quality

  • Characteristics of quality-oriented organisations
  • Project Management Offices (PMO)
  • The impacts of Lessons Learned
  • Sell quality to executives

Best practices in project management

"This course will help structure the way we do. To us to adapt technology based projects. Support clear and comprehensive."

Head of Service, ABB MC